Westminster Academy


Cynthia Behnke, faculty advisor
Steve Leffler, coach

Shelby Nabors, lawyer
Ashley Shaunak, lawyer
Anna, Wells, lawyer

Sara, Boyd, witness
Autumn Baldock, witness
Alex Malone, witness
Nicholas Barnhart, witness
Nathan Strong, witness

Westminster Academy�s Mock Trial Team, playing prosecution, won its first round against Booker T. Washington, playing defense, Tuesday evening, February 16th.  Shelby Nabors was named Best Lawyer and Sara Boyd was named Best Witness. 

In the second round, playing defense, WA won against Booker T. Washington, playing prosecution, Wednesday evening February 17th downtown at the Court House.  Shelby Nabors once again received Best Lawyer for WA and Nicholas Barnhart received Best Witness for our team. 

In third round competition on Thursday, February 18th WA won against St. Agnes.  Shelby Nabors, for the third evening in a row, was awarded Best Lawyer for Westminster.  Sara Boyd was awarded Best Witness for the second time.  Westminster moved ahead in the competition and competed in the fourth round on Monday evening February 21st downtown at the Court House.

WA, playing defense against the MUS prosecution lost in fourth round competition.  Shelby Nabors was, once again, awarded Best Lawyer and Nicholas Barnhart was awarded Best Witness.

The Mock Trial Team, playing prosecution, lost to Germantown�s defense to finish in 4th Place overall.  Best Lawyer was Ashley Shaunak and Best Witness was Sara Boyd.


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