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The Parents� Book Club finished reading Vigen Guroian�s (see vitae) book Tending the Heart of Virtue:  How Classic Stories Awaken A Child�s Moral Imagination. 

If you have not received an email and completed the interest form, please call Jeanne Cannon @ 754-8681 or email her @ [email protected] to receive information.  Any questions please call the school office at 380-9192.

February 3rd     Book Club Update:

Details of responses to my last email are attached.  Most prefer to read something by George MacDonald.  Russ May has generously agreed to discuss At the Back of the North Wind by MacDonald with us.  His best times are Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12:00 and 1:30.  I thought we might try Thursday the 24th which gives us three weeks to read the book.  Please let me know whether the 24th is good for you or an alternate Tues/Thurs.

Elizabeth and anyone else interested in the Capstone class, please let me know when and whether you would like to go as a group. Again, they meet Mon, Wed Fri @ 10:55 to 11:45.  The book can be purchased from the library or from Andrew Smith.  Anyone else interested in the Capstone class, please let me know when and whether you would like to go as a group.

Sarah, Sharon and anyone else interested in reading Augustine�s Confessions, please let me know some dates and times (probably in March to allow plenty of time to read it!).

Once I hear back, I will ask Peter Baur to post the information on the WA web page and the Tuesday letter.

I look forward to hearing from everyone!

Jeanne Cannon

January 24th      Hello all!

Time for a new book for the New Year!  Please let me know if any of the books on either list interests you or send your suggestion to �reply all�.  Also email me back when and where you prefer to meet to discuss (homes in various parts of town, school, day and time of day).

Some books I hope to read this year and would love to discuss with others:

Anything by George MacDonald (it is 100 years since his death in 1905) e.g. Phantastes, The Princess & the Goblin, The Princess & Curdie, The Light Princess, Lilith�.

Augustine�s  Confessions

Greek or Roman histories- e.g. Homer, Virgil, Tacitus, Herodotus

If anyone would like to visit the Capstone class, books are available to purchase (about $30) in the library or from Andrew Smith.  They meet Mon, Wed Fri @ 10:55 to 11:45.  Then we could have our own discussion afterwards.  More details on the class on the WA website. 

Please give my email address to anyone interested in the WA Book Club, especially new WA parents, or anyone who wants to be on the book club email list. 

Hope to hear from you soon!

Here are some book ideas from Sarah Dormois:

With Burning Heart.....Henri Nouwen ( Sarah Dormois likes for Lent)
Till We Have Faces..........CS Lewis
The Practice of the Presence of God........Brother Lawrence
Man's Search for Meaning.........Victor Frankl (observations from a Jewish psychologist who was in concentration camp in W.W.II / Sarah Dormois likes)
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich..........Solzenitsyn
A Wrinkle in Time........Madeline L' Engle
A Dorothy Sayers mystery novel
Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious thoughts on Christian Spirituality..........Donald Miller ( Terri and Emily Bernadini like )
Robinson Crusoe or Frankenstein  ( Peter Baur enjoyed both last summer)
The Palace Thief......... Ethan Canin ( book which inspired the movie The Emperor's Club)
The Curat's Awakening.........George McDonald
How the Irish Saved Civilization............Cahill ( A Hinges of History book that Andy Black likes)
Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter...Cahill  (another Hinges of History book)
Charity and Its Fruits........Jonathon Edwards ( Louise Lyons just read and liked)

Open to any other recommendation, but this is a good starting place.

Sarah Dormois

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