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Behaviour Policy

Good behaviour is actively sought by each member of the Academy community. Our chances of success and happiness, both in school and in the future, depend considerably upon the ability to demonstrate self-control and to make responsible choices regarding behaviour. From a very early age we all make choices about our behaviour, understanding the differences between right and wrong. People can, and usually do, choose to behave well. However, when they do misbehave they are making a conscious decision to do so. A cornerstone of success is the manner in which we are all involved in ensuring that the right choices are available and supported. To ensure a positive learning environment, we recognise that all members of the Academy must accept responsibility for their own behaviour and for correcting misbehaviour. For this to work, there has to be cooperation, communication and consistency between students, parents, staff and governors.

The Behaviour Policy provides a set of common standards of behaviour to which all members of the Westminster Academy community adhere. The Academy values are the foundation of these standards. Consistent strategies in behaviour management are used to maintain a safe, disciplined and attractive learning environment for all.