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Rhetorical training at Westminster Academy focuses on equipping students to be able to persuade logically and passionately with integrity.  The presentations require that students show the ability to synthesize learning across the liberal arts AND then to persuasively and winsomely in writing and orally, present and defend a thesis. 

As with the other skills of the Trivium (the Verbal Arts), rhetoric is a tool (see why Rhetoric). While rhetoric is taught at Westminster Academy as a formal subject to the more advanced student, the habits of rhetoric are developed for all students of all ages even from day one. 

Westminster Academy�s formal instruction in rhetoric includes substantial study of both great rhetorical works, great rhetoricians and their methods.

Once as sophomores and twice as both juniors and seniors, our students are required to make formal rhetorical presentations before their peers, faculty, parents and guests. Each presenter must defend orally his or her presentation.   The majority of presentations last thirty minutes or more.   At the end of each presentation, the student is given a comphrehensive evaluation. Our belief and prayer is that this training, which incorporates earlier training in formal logic and consistent Biblical thinking throughout the curriculum, equips students to be able to respond to the culture AND by God's grace, to influence it.  Following are examples of senior works:

John Locke: Reality According to Knowledge and Reason

Pragmatism and Christianity: A Squirrel, Philosophy and Compatibility
The Biblical Mandate for Ethical Hunting
Sartrean Ethics: Lofty Aspirations and Brutal Reality
C.S. Lewis and Religious Language 

Another Great Depression?
Social Insecurity: The Imminent Failure of Social Security and What Must Be Done to Solve the Problem
The Legacy of Malcolm X: Hero or Racist?
Hiroshima and the Atomic Bomb
The Causes of the Great Depression 

Angels of the Silences
Christianity and War
Colombia and the United States: Guerillas, Trafficking, and a Failed Foreign Policy
Searching for Telos
Free For a Reason: Learning to Distinguish Between Liberty and License
The Tragedy of Math: Tracing the Loss of Values in Modern Mathematics
Fitting the Pieces Together: Pragmatism Inherent in the Work of M.C. Escher
Open Theism: Fact or Fiction 

An Eye for an Eye and the Truth from a Lie: A Refutation of the Ethics of Ayn Rand
The Search for Pleasure: Qualitative and Quantitative Hedonism
A Study of Jean - Jacques Cousteau


Emotions in Worship

Calvinism and Armianism: The Folly of Church Disunity and How It Can Be Resolved by Synthesis

Sick or Sin: Is Modern Psychology Giving Man Excuses for Bad Behavior?

The Holiness of the Sacraments

The Deity of Christ

Political Correctness and American Education

A Diagnosis of Classical Education

Poetic Knowledge



Knock Knock, Who's There? - A Refutation of Open Theism

Revolution of the Dishwasher - Bringing Back Femininity to the American Culture

A Case for the War in Iraq

Biological Warfare

Into a maelstrom of things Unforseen - Law and Love

The Constitution of the United States:  A Living or Unchanging Document?

Wrong Charge, Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Clarence Thomas Confirmation Hearings

Shattering the Glass Ceiling

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