Our Sponsors

David Dangoor, The Exilarch's Foundation

We are proud to be associated with Westminster Academy which continues to make significant progress in providing inspiration and innovative education to the young of the local community coming  from so many fascinating and diverse backgrounds.

There is still much hard work to be done to build on the successes of the first four years. As sponsors we are committed to supporting the Chair of Governors,
Principal and staff in delivering engagement and excellence to give every student the best possible foundation for their future.
Jeremy Witts, Westminster Academy Trust

Our aim is to make Westminster Academy much more than an excellent school in a wonderful new building. It has always been our intention to create an Academy that is a learning resource for everyone in the community - meeting the needs of local residents and business,as well as students and parents.

To fulfil this aim, we have already opened Academy Sport and this year we will be extending,through Academy Community,the opportunities offered to all community groups to use the main Academy building.We are very proud of the Academy and our new building and are excited by its potential for the future. We hope, if you live in Westminster and in particular in Westbourne, that you will share this pride and feel that the Academy and its buildings are for you

What is an Academy?

Westminster Academy is an independent school but we do not select students and there are no fees.

Academies are leaders in innovation, adopting new approaches to addressing underachievement and promoting excellence. The independent status of Academies allows flexibility to be creative. Academies are technology-rich, enabling them to develop new styles of teaching and learning.

The Westminster Academy Trust, with sponsorship from the Dangoor family, aims to provide a world-class environment for teaching and learning, comparable with the best schools locally, nationally, and internationally. The Academy offers a broad and balanced curriculum to students of all abilities, focusing on our specialism of International Business and Enterprise.

Our sponsors, the Dangoor family, are people with a strong commitment to education and business in the Westminster area. They have endowed, through their Exilarch’s Foundation, one thousand scholarships for low-income undergraduates at sixteen UK universities and spent millions on educational projects. When David Dangoor first addressed staff, he explained that it was mainly through the benefit of good education that his family were able to re-establish their lives here when they had to leave Iraq over forty years ago. They were keen to give something back in kind to this country, which had offered them a new home in difficult times. The Dangoor family also has experience in teaching and school governance. In sponsoring Westminster Academy, they are keen to promote the life chances that good education can give to young people. The Academy is very fortunate to have sponsors who have such an understanding of the needs and aspirations of our students.

Academies also play a key part in the regeneration of our communities. Westminster Academy is a significant focus for learning for our students, their families and other local people, as it develops as a learning hub for Westbourne Green.